Organization Work with

Department Worked With

City of New York

Position: Job Opportunity Specialists                                                 

Position: Traffic Enforcement Agent                                                   

Telco Stores Inc.

Position: Assistant Manager (Receiving)                                                                     

Department worked with During Oil and Gas Exploration

  1. Ministry Of Energy and Mineral Resources
  2. Ministry of Power
  3. Ministry of Commerce
  4. Ministry of Finance
  5. Ministry of Law
  6. Ministry of Fisheries
  7. Ministry of Home and External Affairs
  8. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  9. Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism
  10. Ministry of Defense
  11. Ministry of Telegraph and Telephone
  12. Chief Controller of Import and Exports
  13. Telegraph and Telephone Department
  14. Telecommunication and Regulatory Commission
  15. Department of Environment
  16. Explosives Department of Bangladesh
  17. Board of Investment
  18. National Board of Revenue
  19. Board of Investment Currently known as BIDA
  20. Department of Ansar and VDP
  21. Department of Police
  22. Chittagong Port Authority
  23. Mercantile Marine Department
  24. Department of Hydrography
  25. Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority
  26. Director General Fisheries
  27. Atomic Energy Commission
  28. Customs Department
  29. Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh
  30. Bangladesh Biman
  31. Local Authorities in District and Upozilla

My Job interface with the following government Departments while working Agriculture Sector Team and Agriculture Sector team:

  • Ministry of Agriculture,
  • Department of Agricultural Extension
  • Department of Agriculture Marketing
  • Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council
  • Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute, Joydebpur, Seeds Development Potato Research Center, Oil seeds Research Center.
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation
  • Bangladesh Krishi Bank
  • National Board of Revenue
  • Customs Department of Bangladesh.
  • Supply and Services Department of Bangladesh
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