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I am currently working with Human Resource Administration, Social Services Department, City of New York as Job Opportunity Specialist.

Over 5 Years worked with NYPD as Civilian Member of the Services. Worked in the field to find the violation of car parked and issue summons. During this period I have worked with Upstream and Downstream Services (UDS), Bangladesh. UDS provide business support to Oil and Gas Industry where Industry Expats remotely worked and Managed Oil and Gas Industry Project in Bangladesh. Through UDS involved with two 2D Seismic Acquisition projects in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh managed HR Services logistics services from planning to execution. Provide support to Posco Daewoo (O&G Company) to adhere permits and permission for undertaking a 2D offshore seismic acquisition project in Bangladesh.

18 years working experience in exploration and production business with Oil and Gas Industry and 8 years working experience with International Agriculture Development Agency. Trained and experienced areas are stand as Head of Shipping, Import/Export Department, carried out logistics, procurement, liaison/expediting, permits, permission and regulatory compliance’s, Cost control & budgeting, import/export clearances, vessel handling, drafting correspondence, record keeping, inventory control, support on project planning, executing and evaluation.

Logistics5 provides services: Process regulatory approvals, compliance with Bangladesh Government Agencies on behalf of Client, provide materials transport services, supplying short term workers for project, documentation support on clearing materials and equipment, obtaining work permit and visas from GoB.

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